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Principal Dr. Steven Fawkes shares his keen insights and bold perspective in his fully customizable, highly focused presentations all over the globe. Millions of dollars have been saved or more effectively deployed as a direct result of his advice around the world.

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Steven’s Most Popular Programmes:

five critical factors

The 5 Critical Things to Know Before You Invest in Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a buzz word as nations, cities and individuals scramble for ways to reduce costs and their environmental impact. Savvy investors recognize this fast growth area as one rife with profit opportunities. But what factors really differentiate a wise investment from a crackpot with a patent?

In this compelling, information-filled presentation by energy expert Steven Fawkes, you and your team will discover:

  • Why Energy Efficiency Investments Will Turn Long Term Profits
  • Risk/Benefit Analysis: The 8 Questions You Should Be Asking
  • How Global Developments Influence Your ROI
  • Build a Robust Pipeline of Smart Energy Investments: How to Pick the Winners
  • Structuring a Sane, Safe Energy Investment Portfolio

Just like the people who first bought Disney, Coca Cola or Apple stock way back in the beginning, those investors who sense and seize the meteoric opportunity to invest in energy efficiency will one day be considered visionaries who saw the global energy transformation as it unfolded…and took advantage of it.

strategy and analytics

Energy Efficiency: The Brightest Business Opportunity of the Century

Utility executives are on the front lines of changing commercial and domestic energy use patterns. The tried-and-true profit model derived from energy generation and distribution is changing fast. Consumers, and companies are increasingly rejecting the old ways of doing business and looking for new solutions that meet their needs and those of the environment.

There has not been a better time to re-think, re-tool and revitalize the energy industry since the invention of electric light. The wide open opportunities for game-changing profits exist for those in a position to see and seize them.   In this presentation, Steven Fawkes will illuminate how your company can:

  • Identify and Investigate the Top 6 Areas of Opportunity in the Energy Efficiency Revolution
  • The 4Critical Rules of Energy Efficiency that Will Light the Way to Profits
  • Transforming Your Business, Building Your Earth-Friendly Brand
  • Where to Find Potential Opportunity and How to Assess It Once You See It
  • Strategic Caution and Analytical Optimism
  • Why Some Companies Will Fail – and how to make sure yours isn’t one of them

The utility business is being disrupted like never before by new technologies such as renewables, distributed generation and storage – as well as changing customer needs and expectations. This presentation by Steven Fawkes will help you and your team assess the risks presented by these tumultuous changes and identify opportunities for new strategies and products that have the potential to transform your business into the utility of the future.

investment programmes

How to Accelerate Your Energy Efficiency

With energy costs rising and increased environmental pressure worldwide, insightful corporations and real estate owners are taking immediate, well-planned steps to increase efficient energy usage and lower costs. “A stitch in time saves nine” – properly executed strategies now will result in burgeoning benefits.

In this comprehensive and engaging programme, Steven Fawkes will create a compelling case for your immediate consumption reduction.

  • The Power Principle: How energy efficiency will help you boost profits and reduce costs
  • Climate Concerns: The ways energy efficiency increases employee performance and satisfaction…and raises productivity
  • Long vs. Short Term Gains: planning and implementing a capital investment programme
  • The Five Factor: The 5 most critical elements to evaluate before adopting any programme

Steven Fawkes’ keen insights will help reduce the risk and information overload many companies experience when attempting to make the right choice for their present and future energy needs. When seen from Fawkes’ comprehensive observation deck, companies make smarter choices and see the entire landscape of this important decision.


The Jigsaw of Energy Efficiency Financing

Lots of people are talking about investing in energy efficiency but it remains a small niche where the ratio of conferences to deals is far too high. Energy efficiency people say there is “no money” and money people say there are “no deals”. At the same time policy makers are increasingly saying we must increase investment into energy efficiency. This presentation looks at the various pieces that need to be assembled to really scale the energy efficiency financing market.

In this presentation Steve Fawkes will:

  • Tell you what is really happening in the global energy efficiency financing market today
  • Identify the blockers to scaling the market
  • Show you what the different actors (energy efficiency industry, finance industry, policy makers) need to do
  • Describe global best practices.

It will help policy makers, energy efficiency and finance professionals understand what is happening in the market today, and what pieces of the jigsaw they need to deliver to make a healthy energy efficiency financing market.