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Dr. Steven Fawkes is an internationally recognized expert on energy efficiency with more than 30 years of experience implementing large energy management programmes. He travels all over the world to provide the most recent and insightful information on energy use and efficiency; investment and cost reduction strategies.

Steven’s Most Requested Keynotes:

five critical factors

The 5 Critical Things to Know Before You Invest in Energy Efficiency

Discover the differentiators for a wise and not-so-wise energy efficiency investment

strategy and analytics

Energy Efficiency: The Brightest Business Opportunity of the Century

Learn how to re-think, re-tool and revitalize the energy industry

investment programmes

How to Accelerate Your Energy Efficiency

Uncover ways to increase efficient energy usage and lower costs


The Jigsaw of Energy Efficiency Financing

Steven presents what pieces need to be assembled to scale the energy efficiency financing market

Steven’s area of expertise include:

  • Energy management
  • Energy services
  • Financing
  • Investment
  • Energy efficiency programme design
  • Business strategy